Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New studio

I am in the process,with a lot of help from my Son-in-law Scott, of remolding an adjacent garage into my art studio. This will be my first studio outside of my home even though it is just 50 feet or so away. I hope to be teaching art classes by this summer. We are basically starting with the shell of a garage and building it from floor to ceiling, I'm learning a new trade in the process. lol In the past my studio has always been in my basement along with the kilns. I will have a kiln room, storage room and studio with a separate work space for Scott to work on his toys. That is the least I could do for all the work he is putting into my studio. I will not only be teaching porcelain art but painting and drawing classes too. You can check out some of my art work at http://catherinetonning.com or my Facebook page at Catherine Tonning-Popowich - Porcelain Artist

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