Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Summer Sunsets on Canvas

Summer Sunsets on Canvas

With Gelli Arts © Printing Plates 
Deco Arts Americana Premium Paints

I am excited to be asked to collaborate with Deco Arts and Gelli Arts to create this project. I chose to create summer sunsets on canvas crossbody purses and a canvas board for framing.
Supplies I used are the 5” x 7” and 8” x 10” Gelli Arts plate and the Deco Arts Americana Premium Paints.  The Americana series of paints are very creamy and stay open (slow drying) so I can free hand paint them on the gel plates and not have to hurry to pull the print.   I also used Deco Arts Fabric Medium to help bond the paint to the fabric.  I mixed a few drops into each spot of color on my pallet.  I used gesso mixed with some of the fabric medium to pre coat some of the purses. On the ones that were not pre coated I felt the paint soaked into the fabric too much and was a bit dull. I liked them all either way, just a bit of a different look.

Supplies list:

5" x 7" Gelli plate
8" x 10" Gelli plate
Jane Davenport Mermaid scale gel plate
Deco Arts Americana Premium Paints
Deco Arts Fabric Painting medium
Deco Arts Americana Premium Gesso
Deco Arts Dazzling Metalics
Small canvas cross body purses
Canvas board

8" x 10 Canvas board with mat
Canvas crossbody purse - front and back
Close up of sunset on purse


Elaina said...

I love your colors! I’m wondering if you can suggest a source for the cross-body bags? And thanks for sharing your creativity!

Catherine Tonning said...

Thanks Elaina, I got the bags at Hobby Lobby.